The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Industry Partnerships

JICS Industry Program


The JICS Industry Program allows companies to efficiently solve their computational problems by leveraging advanced computational resources, technologies, and staff at JICS.


  • Current computational resources at JICS that are available to be shared by industrial partners include Darter, which is a Cray XC30.  We will be able to offer additional resources in the future, including those with accelerators
  • In addition to computational resources, we have at JICS and on the University of Tennessee campus many computational scientists and other experts in the following and other technical areas

o   Performance analysis and code optimization for large-scale computing

o   Implementation of high-performance numerical solvers

o   Domain-specific collaborations

o   Visualization, large-scale data analysis, data mining, provenance

o   Cybersecurity implementations

o   High-Bandwidth Networking


Types of Participation

  • Companies can partner with JICS thru:

o   Agreements for use of JICS High-Performance Computing Resources 

o   Research and development partnerships with JICS or UT technical staff to meet specified deliverables


  • Companies can participate in various training activities.  JICS can also present training at customer sites.
  • We offer a range of services with flexibility to match partners’ needs.  We will provide the basic user support to allow partners to efficiently use computational resources.  And we can develop a separate agreement for advanced staff support to achieve specific deliverables.
  • JICS will work with partners to connect them with talented students for internships and full-time employment
  • We are not able to support projects with Export Controlled codes.

How Do I Start?

  • Contact Bobby Whitten
  • We will have a telephone conference to discuss the potential business arrangements
  • A second telephone conversation with technical staff members at both sites will attempt to provide a detailed understanding of technical requirements and expectations.
  • Cost of computer time may change as systems and software change.  Cost of skilled staff support and collaboration will depend on the staff member involved and the nature of the project.