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List of activities planned for the 2017 RECSEM REU program.


2017 Projects ToC

Unmixing 4-D Ptychographic Images by Michaela Shoffner, John Zhang, and Helen Zhou

Research Area: Imaging Sciences

High Performance Computing for Neutron Tomography Reconstruction by Cain Gantt and Eric Li

Research Area: Imaging Sciences

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Epoxy Resin Systems by Lam Tran and Stephen Wu

Research Area: Chemistry and Materials Science

Computational Fluid Dynamic Model of the Cardiopulmonary System by Grayson Hawkins and Arianna Worthy

Research Area: Engineering Applications

EEG Models for BCI Cursor Control by Justin Kilmarx, Lucien Ng, and David Saffo

Research Area: Engineering Applications

Randomization Algorithm to Compute Low-Rank Approximation by Ru Han

Research Area: Numerical Libraries on Emergent Platforms

High Performance Traffic Assignment Based on Variatonal Inequality by Mei Shi and Shawn Xiao

Research Area: Mathematical and Computer Science

A Parallel Workflow Engine – openDIEL by Tristin Baker, Jordan Scott, and Zac Trzil

Research Area: Mathematical and Computer Science