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CSURE 2016

2016 Projects ToC


Multi-Dimensional Parallel Discontinuous Galerkin Methods by Jesse Zhu

Research Area: Mathematical Sciences

Dictionary Methods for Microscopy Image Analysis by Henry Cheung and Haoran Shu

Research Area: Mathematical Sciences

Big Data Approach to fMRI data analysis with Intel DAAL and Full Correlation Matrix Analysis by Braden Wong

Research Area: Data Sciences

Parallel Dasymetric Mapping in GIS Modeling by Sam Zhang

Research Area: Social Sciences

Traffic Simulation on HPC platform by Victor Tian

Research Area: Social Sciences

Fluid Flow Simulation for Biomedical Applications by Samuel Scruggs

Research Area: Engineering Applications

Actual Traffic in Virtual Reality by Michael Han

Research Area: Computer Sciences

User Interfaces Development in openDIEL by Argens Ng

Research Area: Computer Sciences

Implementing Workflow for Biophysical Simulations in openDIEL by John You

Research Area: Chemical Sciences