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CSURE 2013

2013 Projects ToC

Analysis of Changes in Location-Specific Extreme Precipitation by Angela Pelle

Research Area: Atmospheric Sciences

The Effect of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Automobile Traffic on the Concentration of Tropospheric Ozone in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by James Herndon

Research Area: Atmospheric Sciences

Computational Simulations of Carbon Materials by Nicholas Wang and Erin Yancey

Parallel Tempering Algorithm in Monte Carlo Simulation by

Tony Cheung and Kevin Zhao

Multi-physics Simulation of the Biomedical Process- Heart Electrophysiology by Ciara Thompson

Out-of-Core Cholesky Factorization Algorithm on GPU and the Intel MIC Co-processors by Ben Chan and Nina Qian

Computational Numerical Integration for use with Model Boltzmann Equations by Huston Rogers

Parallel Solution for Near repeat Analysis by Kenneth McKanders

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Pipeline Development and Data Analysis by Jordan Taylor and Julian Pierre

BioInformatics Application & Analysis using PoPLAR Gateway by Nyalia Lui